RoleUp Onboarding

Connected in seconds

1. Email Identification

Assign the users current or future email to an identity. This email will be used as the first data point to automatically group accounts from different services into a single identity.

If you have your email provider integrated already, you can also create their email account at the same time.

2. Add Accounts

Most integrations provide the ability to add and remove users directly from RoleUp. Allowing you to create all of a users required accounts in seconds.

For integrations that don't support adding accounts, we provide direct links to the relevant admin pages of those applications.

If you have all the relevant information, you can create the account immediately.
Most integrations support adding accounts directly within RoleUp.

3. Self-Onboard

If you need specific information that you don't yet have (like phone number or github username) you can create "pending accounts" that don't yet have all the necessary fields.

Then create a sharable link to gather that data from the end-user.