Atlassian Integration

Our Atlassian integration allows you to onboard and offboard Atlassian accounts along with all your other SaaS accounts as you add and remove team members.

Manage users in Jira, Confluence, OpsGenie, and Service Desk.

Integration Capabilities

The Atlassian integration uses an API key to authenticate and once connected has both read-only and read-write options.

This integration is capable of listing all accounts as well as adding and removing accounts directly from within RoleUp or using our Slack App.

This integration can only manage accounts within specific Atlassian services, including Jira, Confluence, OpsGenie, and Service Desk.

Other Atlassian products, such as Trello, Bitbucket, and others will be support by dedicated RoleUp integrations.

  • List all accounts

  • Add accounts

  • Remove accounts

  • List org-level groups

  • Add and remove
    accounts from groups

About Atlassian

We believe all teams have the potential to do amazing things when work is open.

Much of the world works, often unwittingly, in a closed way. Information is hidden or lost, bonds between teams and teammates are weak, and perspectives are withheld. The result? People burn out. Knowledge is wasted. Potential is left on the table. Forward progress is halted. This is why Open matters. This is why we do what we do at Atlassian.

Open work has always been central to our values. It's in the DNA of our products and we bring it to life through our practices. But it doesn't just happen. Our teams make an effort to work, communicate, and collaborate openly every day to lead by example.